Consumer Unit Replacements

If you've got a consumer unit with fuses, or even one with trip switches in a plastic housing, you would be safer with a new metal-housed one. We carry out electrical consumer unit upgrade work in Alfreton and surrounding areas.

Why replace a fuse board?

Old fuse boards, as in those actually containing fuses, are much less safe than those with trip switches, or to give them their proper name, Miniature Circuit Breakers or MCB's. Additionally these newer consumer units are much safer as they contain RCD (Residual Current Device) protected circuits. To put it quite simple RCD protected circuits save lives every year. As little as 50mAmps can kill a person. This is why the IEE BS7671 regulations compliance says that all circuits in homes should be protected through a 30mAmp RCD Unit. The device should trip out before the fault current gets to a too-high, dangerous, level. This is why it is vital this component in a consumer unit is fitted and fully working correctly, or this could cost someone their life.

Why are metal housed consumer units better?

Metal clad consumer units are designed to be robust and are perfect for the home. Several household fires involving plastic consumer units brought about the IEE BS7671 Regulation change. From January 2016 all consumer units should be metal clad. Any cables entering into sides of the unit, should be suitably glanded. This is to satisfy the regulations regarding objects not entering the unit, with the added benefit of the cables being tight, so that they cannot be easily pulled out.

Inspection and testing

It's a great idea to have your fixed wiring checked on a regular basis. One of the most important checks is the RCD functionality which prevents electric shock. Another is the correct size of cable to the fuse, or more common now are MCB. MCB's are just a resettable fuse and are much more convenient than a fuse.

If you have the wrong size fuse/MCB connected to a cable circuit, your cables could overheat and set fire to your property. If you are unsure of your installation, it's best to get it checked for safety and peace of mind.

Get in touch with us if you need any help with your fuse board or consumer unit, or any other part of your electrics. We offer our services in Alfreton and the surrounding areas of Derbyshire.

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Shane Cameron
3 months ago

Jez put us some new double sockets in,also new light fittings,outside light.First class.Cleaned up after he had done.We are now going to have power put into outside shed & led lights on front.Give him a try.Thanks Jez.

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Daniel Bull
4 months ago

Recently had alfreton electrics fit me new electrics and light in my garage very professional service would highly recommend excellent job ��

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Andy Smith
4 months ago

Fitted new sockets and lighting into the garage. Work was very well priced, carry out quickly and efficiently to a very high standard. Would definitely use Jez again.

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Chelsea Adele Rodgers
5 months ago

Jez put us some outdoor sockets in, was quick, neat and tidy will deffenatly recommend and keep in mind for future electrical jobs.

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Joanne Abigail Monk
9 months ago

Jez did all our electrics when we moved up here from Leicestershire and had an extension. He was very helpful, willing to do whatever we asked. Highly recommend him.

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Jane Kerrigan
10 months ago

What a great job Jez did today in my new home. Understairs cupboard light and double socket fitted. High quality work - to be recommended!

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